PPF Revamps PAL for Parents Program

Contact: Chanise Davis, 610-553-5479

Lansdowne, PA December 12, 2018 – 

Pettaway Pursuit Foundation Revamps PAL for Parents Program in Collaboration with The Foundation for Delaware County.

A pioneer in marrying traditional doula services with managed care insurance plans, Pettaway Pursuit Foundation (PPF) has always deemed it important to service mothers in any way they can. Due to the unique model of their Doula By My Side (DBMS) Program, PPF realized there was a large gap in who they can serve within their community. Appropriately, PPF opted to reintroduce its PAL for Parents (P4P) Program to offer free and affordable, evidence-based classes to new parents within their surrounding communities. As they are a non-profit organization, PPF understood that extending its mission would not be easily accomplished within their means. Realizing this fact, the Lansdowne-based organization enlisted the help of The Foundation for Delaware County via their 2018 grant cycle. After an extensive evaluation of the P4P Program, its current components, and the difference it would make within its communities, where Delaware County was at the forefront. Pettaway Pursuit Foundation was awarded a total of $50,000 from The Foundation for Delaware County 2018 grant cycle to expend over a 2-year span to further develop its PAL for Parents Program in Delaware County. 

PPF hopes to will expand the scope and practice of P4P to all parents within each of the 5 counties it currently serves (Delaware, Chester, Bucks, Montgomery, and Philadelphia) with weekly classes including, but not limited to, the following: Prenatal Yoga, Nutrition Class, Newborn Care Class, Mommy Support Group, NICU Support Group, Childbirth Education, and Life Skills. Classes will be offered weekly at the PPF Headquarters, 11 Owen Ave., Lansdowne, PA 19050. 

“PAL for Parents” Mantra: 

1. Provide evidence-based classes and trainings for parents 

2. Alleviate stress for parents during this overwhelming phase of their lives 

3. Learning together to further enhance wellness in our community 

What we provide: 

Prenatal Yoga is an integrative approach encompassing poses, breathing, and meditation. This method is used to prepare pregnant women for childbirth, create a bond between mother and baby, reduce anxiety and stress, and increase endurance, flexibility, and muscles needed for labor and delivery. 

Nutrition Class is a class that teaches parents how to create a healthy lifestyle for them and for their babies. It includes learning how to read nutrition labels on food packages, how to enforce a proper and healthy diet for pregnant and breastfeeding moms and much more. 

Breastfeeding Support Group helps moms build up their confidence around breastfeeding. During the group session, moms can bring their babies to class allowing them to share and learn from each other’s breastfeeding experiences. They can exchange advice regarding different breastfeeding positions, overcoming breastfeeding anxiety, breast/nipple pain management, pumping, managing and sustaining breastfeeding while working and a lot more. A class facilitator will be on-hand to guide them with any questions. 

Newborn Care Class is a class that encompasses the preparation of the baby’s arrival, safety measures for spaces where the baby may be active, how to change diapers, how to change the baby’s clothes, how to bathe the baby, and much more. 

Mommy Support Group (Peer to Peer) is a support group for both prenatal and postpartum parents. Parents can gather around, share, support and learn from each other’s experiences. 

NICU Support Group is an emotional as well as educational group for mothers with babies in the NICU. This group is composed of parents sharing their roller coaster emotions and a facilitator offering non-judgmental emotional support and education. The education includes the importance of skin-to-skin bonding and more. 

Childbirth Education is a class for parents that will help them prepare during the labor and birth stages of pregnancy. Education will encompass hopes and fears surrounding the birth of their baby; tips to alleviate pain during labor; physical activities that will help moms deliver a healthy baby; and much more. 

Life Skills (Parenting Skills, Budgeting, Time Management, Stress Relief) is a class that helps parents learn how to handle the stress of becoming a parent, how to manage their time with the baby around household chores and work, how to acquire resources within their surrounding community, and much more. 

Pettaway Pursuit Foundation will be relaunching its PAL for Parents Program in January of 2019! Please call 610- 553-5479 or email info@theppf.org for questions or to register.